Cooperation between College and Enterprise--- Enterprise Growing Accelerator

  April 8, 2013, the opening ceremony of industry, science, research base, undergraduate, graduate experimental base was held in Jiaozuo Branch,Huijin corporation, which was comprehensively cooperate between Huijin Enterprises and the Material Engineering College of Henan University of Technology. The Zhandian town government secretary Xingming, president Zou Wenjun, secretary Zhang Baoqiang, professor Zuo Hongsen, professor Xu Sankui from the Material Engineering College of Henan University of Technology, and colleagues of Huijin all attended the opening ceremony.
  The Materials Engineering college of Henan University of Technology is the highest educational institution of super hard materials industry, and the talent cultivation base of high-precision technology. After 21 years of development, Huijin has developed to a modern enterprisecorporation with the service for “four industry” and 50 kinds of products. Huijin enterprise cooperating with Henan University of Technology, not only leads the advanced technologies translating into productivity rapidly to enhance the power of enterprise development, but also makes the students of Henan University of Technology apply the knowledge into skills to improve their practical ability. Huijin will be a good platform for them to apply their knowledge and learn something. Moreover, with the strongest support of local government, the development of Huijin will be even more powerful! The development dream will be realized as soon as possible!
  Huijin will continue to stick to their mission and vision and undertake more social responsibility in their own development and growth, being to contribute their efforts for the early realization of the "China Dream".