Henan Huijin Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd.. held 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration Party

     On February 10, 2015, Henan Huijin Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd.. held 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration Party, with “Soaring in the New Era” as the theme.

   Huijin 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration Party kicked off in a high-spirited music. GuoRong xun, general manager of Huijin, released a New Year message at the beginning, which expressed his warm congratulations to the results obtained by Huijin in 2014, and made a speech themed as “Soaring in the New Era”, “Time flies, Huijin has a history of 23 years in the adventure, for the past 23 years, Huijin has been expanding market step by step, and now has occupied an important position in the field of ferroalloy. Since 2000, the production and sales of Huijin ferro phosphorus have been ranking first in the domestic market, up to now, it has developed into first in global market. In 2007, the production and sales of phosphorus pig iron also jumped to the first in domestic market, and has maintained it ever since. Today, Huijin sets out again on a new journey, keeps moving forward.” Mr. Guo’s wonderful speech not only inspired the staff, but also made the atmosphere warmer.

      Except for Mr. Guo’s wonderful speech, the party also has carried on the cashing stock ceremony, general manager GuoRong xun awarded stock winners in person. Cashing stock not only further stimulated the staff's initiative and sense of competition, but also strengthened the centripetal force of the staff, which provided Huijin a solid talent guarantee to its future development.

     After cashing stock ceremony, the award ceremony was held. There included various awards, such as “2014 Huijin Best Newcomer”, “Annual Outstanding Leader”, “Annual Fastest Promotion”, “Annual Best Rising Star”, “Annual Best Staff”, “Annual Sales Top Three”, “Annual Excellent Worker”, “Annual Best Cost Saving”, etc.    Performance show is the highlight of this ceremony party. All kinds of programs constantly presented in front of the audience, beginning from the beaming dance “Good Start”, the lovely dynamic dance “Griggles”, theme matched poetry reading “Life Like Summer Flowers”, fun and unique song and dance show “Katyusha”, comedy show “Talk about Huijin”, to charming sitcom “The Story in Fortune Inn”, the song “Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention” that promoted Huijin culture. The party was immersed in a friendly and joyous atmosphere and filled with waves of laughter and applause. 

     2015 Huijin Chinese New Year Celebration Party came to an end with the start of company reunion dinner. Regardless of the difficulties and hardships, Huijin will always adhere to the mission “to provide satisfaction for customers”, constantly strive toward perfection.